Good Morning Blotters!!!

I have revamped the FAQ to include all important links in the Facebook group. PLEASE read over this.


An application video is here:

Another application video is here:

Images are sized to fit the top of a 30 ounce tumbler and a 20 ounce tumbler. They are 3-3.25" tall. Some are obviously bigger and you can ask for specific sized on those. Each sheet is A4 size.

Orders are processed in 5-7 business days unless there is a sale which generates a lot more orders in a day than normal. I will still work to get them out as fast as possible.

Make sure your address is correct. I can not send an order to any address other than the one on your invoice. It will have to be refunded and reordered.

Every single order gets a tracking number. Orders over $35 have free shipping.

Images come in sheets, and the images on those will be listed as Singles. You can order a sheet with all of one image.

I can't add your order to a past order or make a change without refunding and letting you reorder. Invoices are printed every morning and if you order on Monday and then on Wednesday, I would have to go back through the invoices and put them together. I need to work forward and not back.

BOGOs are on Friday. Maybe in the morning, maybe at lunch, maybe in the evening. It will be some sort of game or scavenger hunt. Make sure you join the Facebook group.

All pages are laser printed. They do NOT need to be sealed. White waterslide is not cut. You will need to do that. Printable vinyl will also need to be cut.

I can NOT cancel your order because you later want to order with a code.